What you should know about the lifespan of your medical equipment

When we talk about the things that must be taken into account to preserve the useful life of our medical equipment, without sacrificing the health of your patients. There are several aspects to be taken into consideration, of which several are attended by our Kalstein experts.


Four approaches should be followed by those responsible for the purchase, installation, maintenance, repair, operation and disposal of medical equipment due to obsolescence:


1) Purchase the appropriate equipment for its cost and size (medical-financial situation), facilities and auxiliary equipment to operate it and acquire basic parts stock.


Of course in this phase you can count on Kalstein’s advice.


2) Enable the site to store it, protected from shock, dust, moisture and dirt. Thanks to our Kalstein equipment installation service, this does not have to be a major problem.


3) Train for transportation to the patient’s room or surgery area and return to the shelter. Even if you purchase your medical equipment from Kalstein, you won’t have to worry about this.


(4) Training and suitability of persons operating the equipment.  In the maintenance of medical equipment it is necessary to establish the maintenance interval, the type of tests and verification and the parts to be replaced.


If you need to change any of your machines, it’s time to call us, as we also offer replacement equipment to our customers who have already purchased the equipment.


Once all the approaches have been covered, it can be said that you are in optimal condition to operate in a state of health, without sacrificing the well-being of your patients.